M625 (Full function with S-Pointer)
SVR285 (S-Pointer)
MMR-SD2 (with Charging Stand)
M280 Pinky Robot
M242 (Macaroon by V-BOT)
SVR-530 (Ultra Slim with Docking Station)
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M235 (Petit Robot)
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SVR-13 (Full Function Model)
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MMR-01 (Mini Robot)
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"Trickle Charging" Technology

The Rechargeable Battery is the power source of the vacuum robot, which is also the most costly consumable a user needs to replace from time to time.

The lifespan of a rechargeable battery is subject to several factors, while the charging technology is one of the most influential factor. To strike a balance between battery life versus usage frequency, V-BOT R&D Team has adopted the "Trickle Charging" technology to all of its vacuum robots, to ensure the battery is recharged under a controllable condition, which help avoiding overheating during the recharge process.

In addition to the "Trickle Charging" technology, we have also introduced a temperature sensor to each battery, so as to ensure the charging process will be cut off in case the circuit is out of order. In other words, every V-BOT vacuum robot is protected by a double-insured charging system, which extends the battery life as well as protecting the robot from the hazard of overheating.

Thanks to the effort of the V-BOT R&D Team, you can now enjoy the unique and fabulous functions of V-BOT Smart Vacuum Robots with the minimum cost spent on replacing batteries, as well as maximum protection to your life and properties.