M625 (Full function with S-Pointer)
SVR285 (S-Pointer)
MMR-SD2 (with Charging Stand)
M280 Pinky Robot
M242 (Macaroon by V-BOT)
SVR-530 (Ultra Slim with Docking Station)
-sold out
M235 (Petit Robot)
-sold out
SVR-13 (Full Function Model)
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MMR-01 (Mini Robot)
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Tips for Choosing your Vacuum Robot
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Tips for Choosing your Vacuum Robot

What makes V-BOT so different and unique?

Is vaccum robot something that I could really rely on?

What should I consider when selecting the best vacuum robot?

Take a look at the following illustration, and you would know how to make your right choice -

V-BOT's Patented Design for Optimal Performance

* Totally Reliable

Vacuum robot is something that you want to use without your surveillance, and it should be able to take over your daily vacuuming job. To do so, it must be intelligent, user friendly, effective, and most importantly, reliable without a doubt.

V-BOT, subtantiated by international patents and safety certs, is definitely the best choice of all. It has every safety measures it needs, such as anti-cliff sensors, auto power-off (when lifted up or stuck) and battery overheat control. So, you will have full confidence on letting it home alone!

* Totally Hassle-Free

The reason to own a vacuum robot, is to get our "hands off" the tedious work as much as possible.

V-BOT has a patented "sweep and suck" design that uses a nozzle instead of a rolling brush. It keeps its base clean and neat any time, so the maintenence work for you is minimal. You would never need to worry about tangled hair or jammed motor. What you need to do is simply emptying the dust bin regularly, which takes you probably half a minute.

* Maximum Reach and Coverage

With an effective robot, you should be able to hand over most of your vaccuming routine to it, and expect it gets the job done harder and cleverer than you do.

V-BOT has the three key elements for maximum coverage: it's just 7.5-7.6cm in height, has a built in fuzzy logic cleaning program, and the widest reach with spinning brushes (SVR530/ MMR-SD2: dual-sided; M235: single sided). Its "sweep and suck" motion ensures every inch it passes through is taken care of.

* Easy to Use

We always put customers top-of-mind. So, we have created this most practical and effective robot for you.

V-BOT starts working with just one touch, or even automatically - simply schedule your preferred day and time, and V-BOT will do its own job!