M625 (Full function with S-Pointer)
SVR285 (S-Pointer)
MMR-SD2 (with Charging Stand)
M280 Pinky Robot
M242 (Macaroon by V-BOT)
SVR-530 (Ultra Slim with Docking Station)
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M235 (Petit Robot)
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SVR-13 (Full Function Model)
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MMR-01 (Mini Robot)
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Specially designed “sweep and
suck” motion optimizes cleaning
effectiveness and never tangles hair .
Self-charging at docking station
while job is done. Totally hassle-free.
Bumper sensor helps avoiding
walls & furniture.
Spinning side brushes that sweep
every corner of your room.
Scheduling function lets you pre-set
cleaning programs for every day of
the week.
The built-in infra-red sensors can sense and avoid stairs.
The Smart “FUZZY LOGIC” Cleaning Program
The built-in Smart “FUZZY LOGIC” cleaning program features a random combination of the following motions, which
make the robot cover every corner of your room effectively. The coverage could be as high as 95%!
Straight-foreard Motion Spiral Motion
Along-the-wall Motion Returning to the Docking Station

Set Contents
(1) Robot x 1
(2) Rechargeable battery x 1
(3) Dusting paper holder x 1
(4) Dusting paper x 3
(5) Side brushes x 2
(6) Adaptor (d.c.24V 500mA) x 1
(7) Remote control x 1
(8) Operation manual (bilingual) x 1
(9) Dust bin filter x 1
(10) Docking station x 1

Technical Specifications
Power : AC 220V
Rechargeable battery : Ni-Mh battery
Charging time : 8 hrs
Working time : max. 60 mins
Dust bin capacity : 360 cc
Weight : 3.5 kg
Dimension : 340mm L x 340mm W x 95mm H

Document for download
FAQ (Eng) Jan 08.pdf (43KB) download