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Service hour on Winter Solstice (22 Dec 14)
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Yata VIP Day Special Discount Nov 2016
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Yata VIP Day (20-24/11/2014) up to 33% of!!!
Megashow Expo (25-28/12/2013)
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Yata VIP Day Special Discount (23-27 May 2013)
Dec 12: Red Carrot/ Q-Pets Christmas Discount
V-BOT New Product Video
Jul 11: Mentioning in HOME FEEL Magazine by RicaCorp
Apr 11: New Discount Ad in Metro Daily (29 Apr 2011)
Mar 11: V-BOT new promotion ad
Feb 10: New Product Launch! V-BOT my mini robot
Jan 10: V-BOT New Advertisement (Boy Version)
Jan 10: V-BOT New Advertisement (Girl Version)
Jan 10: V-BOT new advertisement coming soon
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Jan 09: Advertising Campaign in KCR Trains
Sep 08: VBOT advertisement in MingPao News 6 Sep 2008
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Removal Notice 2015-06-12
  [Removal Notice]

V-BOT Customer Service Center is moving to a more convenient location!

Due to removal, our Kwai Hing center will stop operation during 15-19 Jun 2015. The new center will start operation on 19 Jun 2015. Should you need any assistance, please contact us by phone 8203-8268 or email enquiry@v-bot.com.hk

Sorry for the inconvenience incurred, and we look forward to serve you better :)