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May 11: Mentioning by Yahoo Top Blogger Dai Siu Lai (Aubrey's Delicatessen) 2011-05-03
  Source: Yahoo Top Blogger "Aubrey's Delicatessen"
Blog Link: http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/Delicatessen-ivanbee/
Article Link: http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/Delicatessen-ivanbee/article?mid=95163&prev=95206&next=95109
Date: 30 April 2011

Thanks for our long-time supporter and Yahoo top blogger Ms Aubrey Chan (Dai Siu Lai 大少奶)'s sharing of her loving "buddy" --- V-BOT Smart Vacuum Robot. Aubrey has been using V-BOT for almost four years and she jests that life is hard without this buddy robot.

While her RV-14 has "retired" from service recently, Aubrey has turned to the new model SVR-13. Impressed by the stylish design and improved efficiency, Aubrey shared her feeling about her new buddy:

"多左條T  back"
(it's a jeu de mots - to pin point the feature of the T-shape new cover design)

(it moves much quicker than the previous version and it can clean up 1300 sqaure feet within one hour)
(V-BOT supplements: the working area for SVR-13 is 1300 sq ft and MMR-01 is 600 sq ft)

(the dust-full indicator and count-down clock is user friendly. The robot is very energy saving as well)
(V-BOT supplements: SVR-13 uses 0.2kWh per usage, it's around 20% of the energy consumption of a traditional vacuum cleaner. MMR-01 uses 0.1kWh per usage which is only 10% of a traditional vacuum cleaner.)

(the side brushes clean up the rims and corners effectively)
(V-BOT supplements: SVR-13 has an improved program which allow it to move in a much meticulous way. Together with the double side brushes, the cleanliness is doubled-up as well)


(We should make good use of the new technology and improve the quality and efficiency of our daily life. V-BOT works on all its own so I can save a lot of time doing my own stuff. Even I have a domestic help, I still use V-BOT every day so my helper could spare her time doing other housework)

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